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Developmental Language Disorder 

Special Interest Group

Welcome to the Developmental Language Disorder Special Interest Group's official website. You can use this site to find out about group membership, future meeting dates and topics, previous presentations and much more. 

We are a group of keen Speech Pathologists, new graduates through to experienced clinicians, working with students whose language difficulties impact on their learning in academic settings. While this means that most of us work in primary and secondary education, there are many members who work in preschool settings as well.


We are interested in interacting with and encouraging each other, sharing ideas and resources, discussing research and participating in PDs together. Topics cover any area related to education as requested by the membership, including (but not limited to) phonology, phonological processing, language, literacy, assessment and intervention, particular programmes, administrative and practical issues facing Speech Pathologists. Speakers drawn from ‘within’ or ‘beyond’ our membership regularly present or lead the discussions.


Kathryn Harker, Coordinator


Majella Booker, New memberships


Carolyn Hastings, Social Media coordinator

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